Catamount Ventures

We back world-class entrepreneurs with a plan to change the world through innovation and creativity. Our capital, connections, and coaching help grow category leaders with a strong mission at their core.

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February 20, 2018 Revolution Foods Named Among World's Best! more »

Who We Work With

Our portfolio teams are our most important resource. Across technology, education, and consumer goods, we work with them to disrupt billion-dollar markets.

Christoph Frehsee
Gillan Taddune
Jonathan Schwartz
Elizabeth “Betsy” Corcoran
Jack Harding
Ray Bell
Ebbe Altberg
Dennis Philbin
Christina Lomasney
Ahmed Rahim
Neil Grimmer
Jack Lynch
Clay Whitehead
Justin Behar
Kristin Groos Richmond
John Replogle
Eli Pariser

Amour Vert
Banyan Water
Grid Net
Linden Lab
Lux Research
Numi Organic Tea
Plum Organics
Presence Learning
Revolution Foods
Seventh Generation
Ten Marks

Healthy Living

Companies delivering healthy, sustainable consumer products and services. Across categories like food and beverage, nutrition, cleaning, and apparel, healthy living brands are capitalizing on massive shifts in consumer behavior to disrupt large markets.

Amour Vert, Numi Organic Tea, Plum Organics, Revolution Foods, Seventh Generation


Startups focused on saving the worlds resources and reducing human impact on the environment.

Banyan Water, Grid Net, Upworthy, Amour Vert, Seventh Generation

Education Services

A new wave of entrepreneurs on a mission to improve our education system with innovative technologies and services. These companies are improving student outcomes, teacher effectiveness, and school nutrition.

EdSurge, MasteryConnect, Presence Learning, Revolution Foods, Ten Marks

Consumer and Core Technology

Businesses with a focus on strong, protectable intellectual property. These ventures are inventing new forms of hardware, software, and materials to revolutionize large industrial and commercial enterprises.

Banyan Water, eSilicon, Grid Net, Linden Lab, Lux Research, Modumetal, Quri

Our Team

We’re entrepreneurs first and investors second. We apply proven operating experience to help build mission-driven businesses with lasting value.

Get In Touch

Below are the four key attributes we look for in every investment. Most importantly, we invest in teams with a defensible plan to grow a category-leading business driven by an authentic mission at its core.

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Huge Market Potential

We are looking for innovative and industry-changing businesses that will impact large and important markets. Building big businesses takes patience, capital, and a lot of hard work. We partner with world-changing entrepreneurs disrupting large categories.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

We are looking for companies that can sustainably differentiate themselves from the competition. Our companies do this through mission, technology, intellectual property, business model, partners, branding, and a top-notch team.

A World-Class Team

We are looking for world-class entrepreneurs and teams. We seek people who share our core values and who want to build great boards and work with top talent. We know that alignment among the team, board, and investors is a critical part of success.

Number One

We are looking for companies that intend to lead a well-defined market. Leaders, whatever the field, are able to hire the best teams, form the best partnerships, and achieve the best business metrics. Companies achieving number one market position create lasting value and outstanding wealth.